CLUES is an energy management system for High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters and Cloud infrastructures. The main function of the system is to power off internal cluster nodes when they are not being used, and conversely to power them on when they are needed. CLUES system integrates with the cluster management middleware, such as a batch-queuing system or a cloud infrastructure management system, by means of different connectors.

CLUES also integrates with the physical infrastructure by means of different plug-ins, so that nodes can be powered on/off using the techniques which best suit each particular infrastructure (e.g. using wake-on-LAN, Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) or Power Device Units, PDU).

Although there exist some batch-queuing systems that provide energy saving mechanisms, some of the most popular choices, such as Torque/PBS, lack this possibility. As far as cloud infrastructure management middleware is concerned, none of the most usual options for scientific environments provide similar features. The additional advantage of the approach taken by CLUES is that it can be integrated with virtually any resource manager, whether or not the manager provides energy saving features.

Currently, CLUES counts with connectors for integration with some of the most popular batch-queuing systems (such as Torque/PBS or Sun Grid Engine) and with OpenNebula and OpenStack which are two of the best known cloud infrastructure management systems within the scientific community. In some of the use cases shown in this web, integration with different middleware is commented, and it is shown that energy saving can be up to 47% under normal conditions.

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