CLUES is distributed in the form of source code, under the GPL versión 3 license. You can download it using the next links.

We are very interested in getting feedback from users and we would like you to make comments regarding to your experience about installation, usability, etc. We are also trying to enhance the system, so please report any failure, bug or lack of features and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

The contact e-mail is the next:

Get CLUES at GitHub

Now we have moved the development of CLUES to GitHub. So please get clues at

CLUES is avaliable at GitHub in the form of source code. All the plugins have also been included in the same repository. Feel free to download and use it under the GPLv3 license.

We are still moving the documentation to GitHub so please be patient about this, but the installation is very straightforward and you can find different tips in the source code.


If you are interested in working with CLUES, please contact us to the e-mail clues [at] upv [dot] es. We are very pleased in collaborating with users, and trying to adapt CLUES to their needs.

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