Automated DevOps for your Virtual Infrastructures
Deploy Customized Virtual Infrastructures on Multi-Clouds
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IM main features


Deploy on on-premises, public and scientific Clouds, and container orchestration platforms.

Hybrid Infrastructures

Deploy virtual infrastructures that span across multiple providers.

Embrace DevOps

Powered by Ansible, the IM provides recipes for common deployments (Hadoop clusters, etc.).


Featuring a CLI, a web GUI, an XML-RPC service API and a REST API. It supports OASIS TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML

Open Source

Developed in Python, hosted in GitHub and distributed under the GNU GPL v3.0. Docker images for the IM server and IM web are available.

IM Documentation

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IM @ GitHub

Source for the IM, the IM client command line tool and the IM web gui

IM @ YouTube

IM in action

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