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Deploy Virtual Elastic Clusters on the Cloud
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EC3 main features

Web and CLI interfaces

Unleash the power of EC3 by using the Command Line Interface, available at the GitHub repository.

Self-Managed Elasticity

Elasticity is powered by CLUES and managed by the cluster itself. No external monitoring required.

Hybrid clusters

Deploy clusters that span multiple Clouds with automatic VPN / SSH tunnels management.


Leverage Spot Instances to cut down costs, featuring automatic checkpointing/restart of applications.

Cloud Agnostic

Supercharged with the Infrastructure Manager (IM) to deploy customized clusters on your favourite Clouds.

Python-powered strength

Proudly developed in Python and distributed as open-source under the Apache 2.0 License.

Deploy a virtual elastic cluster in minutes

No registration is required. You only need valid user credentials for the Cloud. Pay only for the resources consumed.
This service is offered at no additional cost.

EC3 Documentation

Check the docs to understand how the cluster will be provisioned.

EC3 @ GitHub

Fully open-source (Apache 2 License). Contributions are very much welcome.

EC3 @ YouTube

Find tutorials about EC3 (AWS, Galaxy,...). Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials.

Where do you want to deploy the cluster?

You will need to provide valid credentials for the Cloud provider. Not sure if this is safe? Check the docs.
Wanted to deploy a hybrid cluster? You can do it with the CLI.

Amazon Web Services

Public Cloud provider


On-premises Cloud provider


On-premises Cloud provider

EGI FedCloud

European Federated Cloud

(See a case study here).

Is your favourite provider not available above? Check supported providers.

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