An Open-Source Serverless Platform for Enhanced AWS Usage Insights

Fully Serverless

Built on AWS services, such as Lambda, S3, CloudTrail, DynamoDB, API Gateway and Cognito.

Protected Data

Runs entirely in your AWS account. The CloudTrail logs never leave your AWS account.


CloudTrail-Tracker is open-source (Apache 2.0) and available in GitHub: cloudtrail-tracker


CloudTrail-Trackers runs within the AWS Free Tier. Usage analytics of your AWS account for free.

Web Portal

A serverless S3-based web dashboard shows high-level AWS usage information.


The events stored and discarded can be customised to reduce the amount of data.

A Serverless Back-End for CloudTrail log Ingestion

CloudTrail-Tracker is a serverless platform that entirely runs on your AWS account and provides fast insights on the multi-tenant use of an AWS account by several AWS IAM users. CloudTrail logs are automatically ingested in DynamoDB through AWS Lambda. An API Gateway REST endpoint is offered to query the logs using fine-grained timestamps (granularity of seconds) across longer timespans than the 90-days offered by the CloudTrail console.

A Serverless Front-End for Enhanced Usage Analytics

A responsive Vue.js-based web portal to visually depict high-level aggregated information concerning the use of resources in AWS by the different users based on the events information in CloudTrail logs. Query information for a particular user or obtain summarised information across users for the multiple services employed.

Runs in Your Free AWS Tier

CloudTrail-Tracker is designed as a serverless application that entirely runs on AWS serverless services in order to minimize the operating costs while maintaining appropriate levels of scalability to efficiently achieve the aggregated metrics. The entire platform can run within the Free Tier on your AWS account at close-to-zero cost and your CloudTrail logs never leave your own AWS account.

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